What is this project about?

The purpose of the project is to evaluate two new online training programs, one for new mentees and one for their parents or caregivers. In these programs, mentees and their parents learn about the mentoring relationship and how to be prepared for a new mentoring relationship.

What will you do as part of the project?

Both parents and mentees child will be randomly assigned to either the immediate training group or the delayed training group. If you are in the immediate training group, then you will fill out the first questionnaire and then have two weeks to complete the online training and follow-up questionnaire.

If you are in the delayed group, then you will receive the first questionnaires and then will receive the follow-up questionnaires one week later. You will be given access to the training after you have completed the follow-up questionnaires.

Will our answers be kept private?

Your answers will be kept private. All data will be kept secure on password-protected servers. Only iRT staff members who work on this project will be able access the data. Unique “secret numbers” will be used in place of names when any data are downloaded and analyzed. No identifying information will be used in reports about this project.

What happens if we don’t want to be part of the project?

It is up to you to choose if you want to be a part of the project or not. Nothing bad will happen to you if you decide not to participate. You can skip any question that you do not want to answer and quit at any time that you want for any reason without penalty or consequence.

Are there any risks involved in being in the project?

No, we do not think there are any real risks to you. As indicated above, you don’t have to participate in parts of the online program or interview if you don’t want to.

Will anything good happen as result of being in the project?

This project’s goal is to create a program that has the potential to help a lot of parents and mentees. Your help will improve this program.

Will you get anything for doing this project?

Parents will be paid $20 and mentees will be paid $15 for their participation in the project.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the project?

The project is being done by Dr. Rebecca Stelter and Dr. Janis Kupersmidt of innovation, Research, and Training, Inc. If you have any additional questions or concerns at any point during your participation in this project, please contact Dr. Stelter, at (919) 493-7700, email:

If you have any questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant or how you were treated, you should contact Barbara Goldman, Ph.D., Chair of the iRT Institutional Review Board (IRB), at or 919-966-7169.